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A biographical sketch for the believer is really a recounting of some of the wonderful acts of God’s grace for that individual. God is tailoring a unique storyline for each of His obedient children as He weaves them into the image of His dear Son.

I was born into a godly home and had a front row seat to watch the Lord grow and develop my folks into a mature pastor and wife. Through the Lord’s work and my parent’s influence, I came to faith in Christ at the age of six and was baptized by immersion three years later. It was during my junior high years, under the preaching ministry of my father, that the Lord began to tug at my heart to be a preacher. I was married to Debbie Wagner after completing my bachelor’s degree at Maranatha Baptist Bible College, eventually moving to Pennsylvania to finish my Master of Divinity degree at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary in 1991.

During my first staff position as youth and music pastor, serving at Faith Baptist Church of Lebanon, PA, the Lord rounded out our family with two sons and two daughters. In 1997, the Lord graciously directed our family to serve under Dr. David Cummins and then Dr. Marty Marriott at Faith Baptist Church in Warren, MI. These were years filled with wonderful mentoring, continued education, and growing ministry opportunities. It was also during these years in 2009 that the Lord, in His grace, called my wife, Debbie, home to be with Him through cancer.

Life with the Lord is an adventure; our Loving Hope teaching us to anticipate our ultimate rest in heaven, yet enjoying the excitement that God’s morning-mercies bring each day. 2011 was a year of sweet transition for my family as God graciously provided Abi Potter as a wife and mother for us. Abi is the daughter of Baptist World Missions missionaries, Dr. David and Jean Potter in Pecs, Hungary. God also transitioned us into the role of senior pastor at Heritage Baptist Church in Roscoe, IL. We rejoice in the loving flock that the Lord has called us to shepherd and are thrilled to see the Lord building His church in Roscoe.

Our two oldest children are married and we rejoice in the opportunities the Lord is affording them in ministry. Our next two children are continuing to pursue college and seminary education at Maranatha Baptist University. The Lord has given us two younger children to enjoy, train, and keep us young – we hope!

Pastor and Abi Anderson